Rolex Root Beer, a watch with a popular nickname

Rolex GMT Root Beer, a watch with a popular nickname

The lines and models of a Luxury Watch brand, usually stand out for their designs, their patents, or in cases like Rolex, for their nicknames, which end up becoming the commercial name of many of their models, in this case, one of the most famous is the Rolex GMT-Master II, or better known as the Root Beer.

The history of the Rolex Root Beer dates back to 1954 when aviators from Pan-Am Airways asked the watchmaker to create a watch that could mark two different time zones; With this in mind, Rolex decided to play with the design of the bezel, thus creating a two-tone model, the first of them in blue and red.

The model chosen for this implementation was the GTM Master, and over time, they tried other combinations, being the 1675/3 watch, the first GMT Master made of steel and yellow gold, which over time, the bezel evolved, until the design was left with a brown dial, and a brown bezel accompanied by a tan color.

Rolex GMT Master II Root beer

The Rolex GTM Master 1675/3, with its brown dial and brown and tan bezel, became very popular, and by that time those colors were characteristic of root beer soda, which is why people began to identify This watch as the Rolex Root Beer, some also called it “Tiger Eye”, however, this nickname did not end up convincing, being “officially”, the Root Beer.

A Luxury Timepiece with a star

By the time of the ’80s, Hollywood was beginning to create iconic stars, one of them was Clint Eastwood, who stated that the Rolex Root Beer was one of his favorites, he even used it in several of his films such as Firefox (Firefox, 1982), Tightrope (1984) and In the line of fire (1993), so for some time, this watch was also known as the Rolex Clint Eastwood.

However, of all the nicknames it has had, Root Beer is the “official” and most famous, and with which the vast majority of people identify the 1675/3 model, so much so that the color scheme had not been implemented before, even other watchmaking houses tried to emulate the color combination, but none managed to successfully stay in the public’s taste.

Reviving the GMT-Master II legend

In 2018, Rolex decided to reinvigorate this model, thus introducing the Rolex GMT Master II Root Beer (126711 CHNR), once again introducing the signature colorway.

This model paid tribute to the original, but slightly toned down the characteristic colors of root beer, said the line was presented at Baselworld 2018, presenting three color combinations, however, again the Root Beer color scheme was the most popular among users. watch lovers.

The GMT Master II Root Beer 126711 CHNR, is completely inspired by the design of the Root Beer of the 60’s, but with some modern touches that differentiate it from its predecessor, without losing its essence, this piece of time mechanics is forged in 19-carat rose gold, of course, it is Rolex’s patented rose gold, the Everose, and in this model the dial is black, differing from the original that had a brown dial.

Shop The Rolex Root Beer

The Rolex Root Beer definitely cannot be missing from your collection, whether you opt for the original model or the 2018 version, whatever your decision, you can get a Root Beer from an investment of USD 33 thousand up to 78 thousand dollars.

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