Want to Buy a Rolex with Cryptocurrency?

We got you covered!

Shopping luxury watches with digital coins its possible and easy.

Browse our online store and select the timepice you would like to acquire. Send us a message with the reference number and we will reply to you with the wallet information to make the transfer.

We aim to give our customers the best experience buying luxury watches.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Shop with Crypto

Yes. You can buy a Rolex or any luxury watch with digital coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDC.

In order to shop a watch with bitcoin or Tokens you have to browse the timepiece on our website catalog, and send us a message with the details.

We will reply to you with our wallet details to proceed with the transaction.

Fast and easy!

Rolex does not offers direct payment with cryptocurrencies for their watches. However you can purchase your watch from dealers and marketplaces online.

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