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Patek Philippe Calatrava Price

The cost of a Calatrava Patek Philippe in our collection goes from USD $21,000 to USD $115,000 depending on the condition of the watch.

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Patek Philippe Calatrava, a symbol of style

In the watch business, art and style are of vital importance, and if someone has a model that is characterized by the purity of design, that is the Calatrava by Patek Philippe, a watch with pure lines, with a round dial design, which is undoubtedly synonymous with elegance, thus becoming one of the symbols of style both in this watchmaking house and in the watch market in general.

In short, any Haute Horlogerie collector, if he wants to show off a compilation of height, needs yes or yes, a Calatrava, a watch that has the highest standards in design and mechanics of the Patek Philippe house, a company that a on a par, it has brought an incredible number of patents to the world of time measurement.

The Calatrava collection is just over 80 years old, and its main characteristic is its design, which bases all its splendor on the shape of its box, round and simple, but therefore, with a touch of elegance without equal.

Design as a basis

This collection follows to the letter the essence of the Bauhaus school of design, which is considered the first design school of the 20th century, it was founded in 1919 in Weimar by the German architect Walter Gropius and conceptualized what we understand today as design. industrial.

His philosophy, or at least the most important point of this era, the intention of uniting art with design to form a utopian guild that combined architecture, sculpture and painting within a single creative expression, which is conceived in the Calatrava , fulfilling the Bauhaus maxim: “function dictates form”.

The design of the Calatrava case was inspired by pocket watches, which protected the mechanism with their circular shape, although in this Patek Philippe collection, the case as such is not as necessary for this function, as the mechanism has its own armor, it does manage to evoke the style of elegance of the old watches.

The Calatrava Materials

Currently the Calatrava line has 15 models, which you can find with different bases in their materials, choosing the one that you like the most, it has Calatravas in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, as well as two models developed in platinum.

The watchmaking house Patek Philippe is considered to be part of the royalty in Swiss watchmaking, a title that evokes the quality and exclusivity of its pieces, the Calatrava being one of the most outstanding, but how much should you invest to become one of these pieces for your collection?

The Patek Philippe watches in its Calatrava collection can be found from 15 thousand to over 55 thousand dollars, depending on the model, which is worth mentioning, they are manufactured in batches of just one thousand pieces, so they are considered a true collector's watch.

It is important to mention that all the models in this collection respect the circular shape of their box, although some have somewhat imperceptible details, if the box does not comply with this design characteristic, we could be facing an imitation, therefore, it is It is vital to have the services of an authorized watchmaker attesting to its authenticity.