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Find the most complete collection of Rose Gold Rolex watches for sale in Luxury Watches USA. The everose material is one of the most wanted color of Rolex timepieces for men and women.

The Everose Rolex collection features watches on all models and in different dial colors, jubilee and oyster bracelet as well as flutted bezel.

You can find rose gold Rolex for men and women, as well as rose gold diamond Rolex.

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The cost of a Rosegold Rolex in our collection goes from USD $10,400 to USD $120,000, depending on the model and condition of the timepiece.

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Rolex Everose Gold, the secret recipe for rose gold

During the first decade of the 2000s, in approximately 2005, the Rolex watchmaking house decided to create its foundry, creating a unique alloy for its watches, Rose Gold, rose gold or as they called it, Everose, is a unique color tone in its species, which unlike the one already known and offered by other providers in the past, lost its shine in a couple of years.

The Rose Gold or officially called, Everose by Rolex, dresses three of its most exclusive lines and is sought after by collectors, the Cellini, the Day-Date, and the Datejust, the latter, one of its lines for women. But you can find this amazing zolor in all Rolex models.

Undoubtedly, many have sought to decipher the secret of Rose Gold or Everose, a process, and name patented by Rolex, since its durability leaves no room for competition, because while common pink gold fades over time, leaving a pale gold, Everose resists the beats of time for many years longer than any other alloy on the market.

How does Rolex make Rose Gold?

Along with the Everose, other alloys patented by the brand were born, all of them from a decision that raised the quality greatly, Rolex chose to create its foundry, to have total control over the quality of its watches.

Before making this decision, all their alloys were created by specialized suppliers, however, quality was often lost in transportation, scratching the materials or hitting them, creating imperfections that, although they could go unnoticed by the vast majority of Rolex collectors, the company was looking for perfection on its products.

Thus at the beginning of the year 2000, Rolex decided to forge its foundry, materializing it in 2005, creating its alloys such as yellow gold, white gold, and 18-carat pink or Everose gold, with its formulas which have been patented. and jealously guarded.

With this decision, they achieved a higher degree of quality, by eliminating scratches from their alloys, making them more durable and with their special colors, the Everose being a unique of its kind, probably the most luxurious pink Gold that exists in the luxury watch market.

The most emblematic

As we mentioned before, three lines carry Rolex's rose gold, being probably the most sought after by collectors, the Day-Date 40, an elegant and reliable piece, is an ideal model for sports or social activities.

The same watchmaking house has dubbed it the definitive prestige watch, and it has become the favorite among NBA and WWE legends, a luxury timepiece that celebrities of that category can afford, as the Day-Date 40 in its Everose version has a cost of 100,000 dollars.


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