Rolex Batman Watches

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Original price was: $19,000.00.Current price is: $18,300.00.

The Rolex 116710 and 126710 GMT Master II also called Rolex Batman in the watch industry and within watch collectors, could be found in stainless steel, with oyster and jubilee bracelet.

The Batman watch could be easily identified because of the black and blue cerachrom bezel.

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Rolex Batman Price

The cost of a Rolex Batman timepieces in our collection right now goes from USD 19,000 to USD 25,000, depending on the year and condition. You can find the Rolex GMT with jubilee and oyster bracelet.

The History Of The Rolex Batman Watch

Rolex is one of the most prestigious watchmaking houses of all time and has under its belt countless models that have become iconic among the pickiest collectors, and one of those that became one of the most coveted is the called Rolex Batman.

For this model to exist, we have to go back to 1955, when the GMT-Master was created, creation of Rolex focused on air travel, a commission from the Pan-Am airlines, which needed a watch capable of passing a time zone to another easily, this model, was delivered by the airline to all its pilots on transatlantic routes.

This model was evolving, presenting in 2013 the GTM-Master II, a watch that was placed within the sports type, and that soon became a favorite among time lovers, mainly for its two-color ceramic bezel.

The Rolex GMT Batman is born

When one hears the Rolex "Batman", one cannot help but think of the protector of Gotham City and imagine a dark watch with the figure of the bat, however, this Rolex is far from that, and it took this nickname for idleness of the fans of the brand and this model released in 2013.

The Rolex Batman has a two-color blue with black bezel, hence the nickname "Batman", this bezel made of ceramic, was patented by Rolex in 2005, standing out for being a piece that extends the durability of the watch, in addition to not scratching or fade over time. This bezel was baptized as Cerachrom, and its main characteristics, in addition to its bicolor shape, is that it does not fade, does not fade, and is immune to scratches.

This bezel is characteristic of several models of the watchmaking house in its Oyster line, among which are the GMT-Master II, Yacht-Master, Daytona, Yacht-Master II, and the Submariner, the manufacture of this bezel is until today a process that is kept secret.

The bicolor culture


After seeing the acceptance of the brand's followers for the blue and black bezel, which is why the GTM-Master II was baptized as the Rolex Batman, the watchmaker announced that since 2019, all models of the GTM-Master line, would have a two-color bezel as their signature, even among the nicknamed Rolexes, there is the "Rolex Pepsi", for its blue and red bezel.

If you are one of those who want to add to the exclusive line of the Rolex Batman, you require an investment of at least 9 thousand dollars, this with the most current models; however, the first model of the Rolex Batman is among collectors, a price of 15 thousand dollars.

Undoubtedly, having a Rolex Batman will give your collection a considerable increase in its value in the market although there are fans who are looking for one of the first series of this model, collectors are known to offer the 15 thousand dollars only as a point starting, so it is a fact that you would easily get an amount greater than 20 thousand dollars.

So, now you know, the next time somebody is talking about the batman watch from Rolex you have all the information about this beautiful timepiece.