Rolex Eye Of The Tiger: A major league watch

Rolex Eye of The Tiger

In 2019, Rolex presented a new model for its Daytona line, this new timepiece with reference 116588TBR, was baptized as the eye of the tiger, or rather, Rolex Eye Of The Tiger.

If something characterizes the Rolex Daytona, it is their opulence that makes it impossible not to turn around to see them, and in this case, the Eye Of The Tiger has yellow gold, and Rolex watches with this material generally end their reference number with an 8.

It is also powered by an in-house caliber 4130 movement. The bezel features 38 diamonds in total, a model that can definitely be worn by a hip hop star, an elite athlete, or someone who simply wants to make a statement and stand out in the room.

It is worth mentioning that the nickname of this Rolex was established by Suzanne Wong, editor-in-chief of REVOLUTION Asia magazine, an editorial piece that has become a benchmark in the world of fine watchmaking.

A Major League Timepiece

There are watches that are highly coveted, which is a great coincidence, since Erling Haaland is currently, at 21 years old, the object of desire of Real Madrid, Barça and Paris Saint-Germain as well as other premier football clubs. .

The desire of all these teams is good news for Haaland, since whoever buys it will give him many millions, which will allow him to keep one of his favorite hobbies, collecting high-end watches, being the most expensive watch he owns. the young soccer star, a Rolex Eye Of The Tiger, valued at 95 thousand dollars.

Anthony Davis, the basketball superstar who currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, is another person who can afford to wear a Rolex Eye Of The Tiger, a hobby he shares with his teammate, the other superstar LeBron James, however. doubt, this is a major league watch.

Rolex Eye of The Tiger Characteristics

This watch that belongs to the Daytona model, with the reference 116588 TBR, as we mentioned in the first paragraphs, has an automatic caliber and its case is forged in yellow gold, while the material of the bracelet is made of rubber.

Its diameter is 40 mm, and it has a water resistance of 10 ATM, that is, 100 meters below the surface of the water, its crystal is sapphire, which makes it highly resistant to scratches, it has a dial yellow and a folding clasp on its bracelet.

Rolex Eye of The Tiger

Without a doubt, this is one of the most desired watches today, and by far one of the most attractive, definitely, despite its youth, it is already a classic that all collectors want on their list of acquisitions, so if If you are thinking of getting one of these models, depending on where you buy or repurchase it, you will have to invest a figure that can range from 95 thousand to 400 thousand dollars.

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