Rolex President Bracelet Watches

The Rolex President bracelet, also commonly referred to as the “Presidential” bracelet, is a hallmark of sophistication and exclusivity within the world of Rolex watches. Find the most complete collection of Rolex President Bracelet for sale in Luxury Watches USA.


Rolex with president bracelet could be found in almost all models as well as alloys like rose gold and platinum.

Rolex President Bracelet Price

The cost of a Rolex with president bracelet in our collection goes from USD $10,350 to USD $176,000 depending on the condition of the timepiece.

History of the Rolex President Bracelet

Introduced in 1956 alongside the iconic Rolex Day-Date model, the president bracelet was specifically designed to complement this prestigious timepiece. The Day-Date was the first Rolex watch to display both the day of the week and the date spelled out in full, and the president bracelet perfectly embodied the watch's opulent character. Over time, the bracelet's name became synonymous with the Day-Date itself, and later with other Rolex models outfitted with it.

Rolex President Bracelet Design:

The president bracelet features a three-piece link design. Each link is semi-circular and interlocked with the others to create a seamless and fluid appearance on the wrist. This design ensures both comfort and a distinctive look that exudes elegance.

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