Big Bang Unico, An Icon of the Hublot House

Hublot Big Bang Unico - Luxury Watches USA

Hublot is one of the youngest watchmaking houses, founded just in 1980, it has only been in existence for 41 years, already almost 42, however, its name is a symbol of quality and prestige, showing that in a short time, if they do things well, the fruits are of great value, and it is that it has shaken the market with great watches like the Big Bang Unico, probably one of the most iconic to its credit.

Unlike other watchmaking houses, Hublot has opted for the “new luxury” market, something logical as it is a young brand, which is looking for a fresh market and there are new proposals, but before going into details, let’s get to know the history a bit. Hublot and the birth of the One Big Bang.

Hublot was born with the desire of a man to found his watchmaker, after some time designing pieces for others, so in 1976 Carlo Crocco began his adventure. Hublot means “porthole” in French, and it is precisely the shape of the ocular anatomy of this animal that inspires the design of Hublot watches, incorporating new materials and technologies.

The icon is born

Although from the beginning Hublot defied everything known and was criticized from the beginning when it presented, in 1980, a yellow gold watch with a polymer strap, the first piece in the industry to present such a combination, being considered by the most Conservatives an insult to downgrade the “luxury”, although of course, the sales said otherwise.

Of course, since the watchmaking industry is one of the most competitive in the world, Hublot still had not reached the place it deserved, being in 2004 when the great change was looming when the talent of Jean-Claude Biver joined the watchmaking house. , who got off Omega’s ship, to join each Hublot.

Biver, with the freedom that Hublot allowed him, wanted to present a fusion never seen before, for this he relied on high-tech materials, using a patented material called Magic Gold, which combines liquid gold with ceramic, choosing Biver a box big, following the trend of that time.

It was thus that in 2005, at Baselworld, it presented the Hublot Big Bang, a watch that, although some critics pointed out to be a luxury sports car with an appearance similar to others, ended up staying in the public’s taste, winning countless international awards. prestigious, skyrocketing sales and introducing a new slogan:
“The art of fusion”.

A new audience for The Big Bang Unico

Soon, Hublot seized its market, capturing the attention of the nouveau rich, without leaving out the market that was dominated by other brands, such as athletes, rappers, and influencers.

The Hublot Big Bang Unico has evolved, presenting new models under this line in association with athletes, musicians, and celebrities, achieving, from this model, to retain a new audience.

Although there are multiple versions of the Big Bang Unique, it is generally presented as a carbon fiber watch, with a diameter of 45 millimeters, water-resistant to 10 bars or 100 meters, and with sapphire crystal, and depending on its versions, you can acquire it from $ 5,500 in its most affordable versions, up to $ 128,000.

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