Hublot Ferrari, An alliance of heavyweights

Hublot Ferrari

The world of watches has always been related to luxury and sophistication, it is not surprising that some watchmakers forge alliances with renowned brands from other areas, and in this case, in 2011 an alliance emerged between two greats, Hublot and Ferrari, giving birth to an iconic line, it is the Hublot Ferrari watches.

Since 2011, Hublot and Ferrari have reinforced their merger, delivering exclusive design watches that combine innovation, excellence and performance, pillars that describe both brands, and although it was not determined why they ended their alliance in December 2020, during the 9 years of their joint history, they delivered great pieces of engineering.

This line marked a before and after among luxury watches, mainly due to the precision in its elaboration. Among collectors, the Hublot Ferrari models are among the most coveted, as they are exclusive pieces.

A quick ascent of The Hublot Ferrari

Hublot, unlike other brands, does not have a lineage that goes back several decades, it was in the 80s when it began to stand out in the industry, despite its relative youth, today it stands as one of the the most important brands, mainly due to the strategic alliances it has achieved.

Perhaps its most lucrative alliance was the one made with Ferrari, both companies coinciding in the precision of their manufacture, one with watches and the other with engines, thus creating mythical pieces.

After their alliance, a year later, in 2012, they launched the Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold, an 18-carat gold piece, whose design emulated the face of a speedometer, a clear reference to Ferrari.

Luxury pieces

However, it was not until 2013 when they presented what can be considered their first and main collector’s item regarding the Hublot Ferrari line, the Hublot LaFerrari, which has a 50-day reserve that allows autonomy of almost two months. .

Other collector’s items of this model would arrive in 2016 and 2017, it is the LaFerrari Sapphire and the Ferrari Tourbillon Chronograph, the latter on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Prancing Horse, which is the symbol of the Italian car brand, it is the black horse rearing up on a yellow background and with the colors of the flag of Italy in a horizontal position on top.

During the Hublot and Ferrari alliance, 70 pieces were made, manufacturing approximately 600 watches for each model, which makes this collection one of the few with a finite number on the market, which is why it is so appreciated by collectors. , in the case of the LaFerrari line, it is the only one in which only 50 pieces per model were manufactured.

The Big Bang

Although Hublot already had a Big Bang line, Big Bang Hublot Ferrari watches are presented in an average size of 45 millimeters in its case and with very diverse characteristics that make it clear that it is a watch with the influence of Ferrari style. .

Although the first model was launched in 2012, in the years to come this line was taken up, being more affordable from LaFerrari, but with a level of quality in great demand, these models being the most requested by Formula 1 drivers.

Hublot Ferrari Price

Undoubtedly the alliance between these two greats, although short, yielded great results, so if you want to arouse the envy of collectors and want to get one of the models from the Hublot Ferrari line, depending on the watch you choose, you can find them from around 15 thousand 500 to 343 thousand US dollars.

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