The best luxury watches to enjoy in the summer

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Undoubtedly one loses track of time when enjoying the sea, whether it is riding on a yacht or enjoying on the deck of a ship, however, this luxurious scene could not be complete without a watch to match it, but Do not worry, below we tell you which are the best models so that your dream postcard is complete.

Remember, although most luxury watches are designed to be resistant, have precise machinery, and be resistant to water, some models are designed precisely for use at sea, so you can enjoy a glass of wine in a cover without worrying about your watch being damaged by issues such as the RM 032 salinity in the air. Three luxury watches to enjoy in the summer

Check out this luxury wristwatches to enjoy on your next trip to the caribbean or any beaches around the world.

Modern, sporty, and with a touch of elegance

Yes, a watch probably comes to mind with those characteristics, it is the Aquanaut model from Patek Philippe, this watch, a classic of the brand, was launched in 1997, the year in which it undoubtedly caused a sensation and admiration in the world. of luxury watches.

Patek Philippe is characterized by being a brand with a serious image and it could even be said, gloomy, despite this, this model was reinvented with a modern design for its rounded octagonal case, inspired by the Nautilus case, in addition to innovating with its strap made with a new ultra-resistant composite material to traction and ultraviolet rays, ideal for prolonged use in the sun and not worrying about salinity in the air when being at sea.

The diver’s watch

Rolex has an emblem made especially for use at sea, it is the now-classic and iconic Submariner, this watch that appeared in 1950, at the request of the director of the brand, Rene P. Jeanneret, was conceived for diving, achieving an elegant model that can well be used for a dive or to wear it at an important event, why not, on the seashore.

In short, Rolex has in the Submariner a reference in the world of diving, so if what you are looking for is an elegant watch, ideal for diving, practicing some water sport, or simply lying on the seashore, this is an ideal choice for any of those occasions.

Total tightness

Of course, Richard Mille could not be left out, and this time he has an ideal model for life at sea, the RM 032, of which less than 100 pieces were made, making it a highly coveted watch.

Richard Mille has us used to innovation, and the RM 032 is no exception, as it is designed for intensive use at sea, as it provides a fail-safe hermetic system, in case you are enjoying life on your yacht and Suddenly you feel like diving.

This model has a system in the crown, which when turning, blocks the push-buttons of the watch, preventing the water pressure -up to 300 meters- from causing any failure in the machinery. It is a perfect combination of luxury, modernity, and bravery.

A century and a half at sea

On the other hand, we have the Panerai brand, with a presence in the market since 1860, a watchmaker that from its inception had the goal of making submersible pieces, giving a wide range of ideal models for use at sea.

Panerai does not present a flagship model in this area, but the brand as such is, in short, if you do not want failures or do not have time to choose the best features, this watchmaking house offers you, failure-proof models, in everything related to the sea.

Another heavyweight

Based in Switzerland since 1875, Audemars Piguet has among its collections the Royal Oak, a stainless steel sports model that does not fight with elegance, on the contrary, amalgamation in this distinctive series of this company.

This model offers various variants, from stainless steel to titanium, through ceramic and white gold, among other materials of excellent quality, not for something is it considered the first luxury sports watch in history.

If you want to stand out from the crowd at a party on the high seas or by the sea, in short, the Audemars Piguet in its Royal Oak collection is the choice you should make without thinking about it.

Special mention

If someone is serious about elegance, resistance and has respect for the sea, that is the Hublot house, with its Oceanographic 4000, an exceptional watch in its design and engineering, without a doubt, all brands contemplate watches for the sea, but in this case, it is a total revolution.

This model was manufactured in two batches, one of a thousand pieces which correspond to the titanium model, and another series of 500 pieces for the carbon-based one; This watch is ideal for lovers of the sea, parties, and the depths, but seriously, it has a resistance of up to 5,000 meters underwater.

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