Sea-Dweller VS Submariner, which one is your favorite Rolex?

Sea-Dweller VS Submariner

The world of watches and diving have been united over the decades, and choosing the ideal model for our adventure is usually not a simple decision, especially when they offer us such exquisite machinery, and in this case, Rolex is your choice and its own competitor.

Lovers of the deep have a special connection with the watchmaking house of Rolex, not for something, this brand has strived to surpass itself year after year in the field of diving, which has resulted in two iconic models in this regard, the Rolex Sea-Dweller and Rolex Submariner, but which is the best option?

If it is our first time acquiring a watch of this type, at first glance they are two identical pieces, however, when we know the details, we will verify that they are two different models.

Their peculiarities

In essence, these two models share some characteristics, such as the movement, since both models use the Rolex Caliber 3135 of 31 jewels, to show us the hour, minutes, and seconds, in addition, they both mark the date through a window, up to here, We could swear that we are looking at the same timepiece.

Although there are slight differences, initially, the first is found in the power reserve, which for the Sea-Dweller 4000 is 50 hours, while for the 43 mm Sea-Dweller version, it is 70.

Both presented to the market the black bezel called Cerachrom, a Rolex patent, it is a durable and scratch-resistant hardened ceramic, as well as anti-corrosion properties and high durability to UV exposure, reducing the speed of color fading.

And if we talk about hermeticism, Rolex presents in both models, Sea-Dweller and Submariner, another patent, the Triplock, a feature that prevents the entry of water into the case, as resistant as the hatch of a submarine.

Their differentiators Rolex Sea-Dweller vs Submariner

Now is the time to detect these differences between the two models, which will undoubtedly help us decide which is the best watch for us according to our needs. The ace up the sleeve in the Rolex Sea-Dweller is its resistance, compared to the Submariner, since if deep diving is your thing, you will opt for the first model that has a resistance greater than 1,200 meters of depth.

Although that is one of several characteristics, let’s see what are the advantages that the Sea-Dweller presents. It is a piece resistant to water, more specifically, up to 1220 meters deep against the 300 meters of the Submariner; It features platinum-coated numerals for better visibility, reinforced with a long-lasting blue luminous material.

It may seem like a minimal detail, however this model has the full 60 seconds on the bezel, while the Submariner only shows the first 15. If the material is important to you, you should know that the Sea-Dweller is only available in a steel case stainless.

The reference numbers to find a Rolex Sea-Dweller are:

  • 116660
  • 126600
  • 126603
  • 16600T
  • 326238
  • 326235

The reference numbers to find a Rolex Submariner are:

Regarding aesthetics, in the Submariner the Cyclops Magnifier stands out to display the date, although the most recent model of the Sea-Dweller already incorporates one, since this is one of the hallmarks most associated with the brand, and preferred by lovers of the Rolex.

And as we mentioned, while the Sea-Dweller could be found only in stainless steel, the Submariner offers different models in steel, white, yellow, or two-tone gold.

As you can see, the differences and your choice can be defined by the need regarding the use and the aesthetics that you like the most, these models can be purchased for an investment of $15 thousand to $150 thousand dollars compared to the Sea-Dweller, while the Submariner begins the same in the $15 thousand dollars, but it can reach $226 thousand dollars, in the models that have built-in jewelry like diamonds.

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