Tony Soprano’s Legendary Watches

Tony Soprano watch Patek Philippe 5037/1G

The popular HBO series that ended in 2007 chronicles the life of New Jersey mobster Tony Soprano. Throughout the plot, we discover the difficulties faced by his family and the criminal organization he leads. Due to its theme, its scripts are full of cultural references, and ironically, Tony Soprano became an obligatory cultural reference and in addition to his characteristics as a character, the luxurious watches they produced throughout the series became mythical.

The character of Tony Soprano, played by James Gandolfini, extracted throughout the series two watches, considered to be those of his character’s taste, these being from the Rolex watchmaking house, is also related to a Patek Philippe, although the latter is not it is used by him, but he gives it as a gift to his cousin-in-law.

The mob boss gift

Tony Soprano is not a guy, let’s say, refined, he is a mobster who, although he becomes the top boss of the mafia in the series, comes from below, however, in the episode “Watching too much television” broadcast in 2022, the New Jersey mob boss chose an impressive Patek Philippe watch, considered one of the most elite and revered Swiss watchmakers in the world, as a gift for one of his colleagues in crime.

In the episode, Tony Soprano gives his wife’s cousin, Brian Cammarata, the watch for giving him good advice regarding a real estate deal. The watch in question is a Patek Philippe Ref. 5037/1G, with an 18-carat white gold case and bracelet, the annual calendar features diamond indexes, a diamond bezel and all the watchmaking expertise that the brand has built his name.

Tony Soprano Watch Patek Philippe 5037/1G

Said model is not part of the current Patek Philippe collection, but was modified for the series, therefore, fans of The Sopranos cannot boast a watch like that, in said episode, Cammarata tells Tony, “this is a watch over $15,000, I can’t handle this.”

The king of clocks – Tony Soprano’s Day Date

Throughout the six seasons of the HBO series, one of the most acclaimed by critics, Tony Soprano wears a Rolex classic, the Day-Date, finished in 18-carat yellow gold, with a champagne-colored dial and a President bracelet, for others majestic.

This watch is mythical, as it was also used by President John F. Kennedy, which was given to him by Marilyn Monroe on May 29, 1962, which was sold for $120,000 at auction in 2005.

Tony Soprano watch Rolex Day Date

Tony Soprano learned good taste from his regular reading, since in the season 6 episode, “Live Free or Die,” the mob boss can be seen reading an edition of the Robb Report, a magazine characterized by writing about the most sophisticated luxuries of the upper class.

The incognito Watch

Although Tony Soprano’s usual watch was the Rolex Day-Date, he occasionally appeared with a Rolex Submariner, although it is presumed that this was not the character’s own but James Gandolfini’s own.

Introduced in 1953, the Submariner is the first waterproof diving wristwatch to achieve a depth of up to 100 metres, Rolex’s second major waterproof achievement.

You can buy this watch for approximately $19,000. And you, which one of the watches used by the New Jersey mob boss do you keep?

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