The Rolex Jubilee Bracelet

Rolex MOP Jubilee braceket

Although when listening to Rolex we associate it with watches, it is true that this watchmaking house not only takes care of the detail of its time machinery, but also of that piece as vital as the watch itself, we refer to the bracelet, which can change only the aesthetics of the watch as such, but the comfort and safety with which we wear it.

As iconic and popular as the Oyster bracelet is the Jubilee bracelet, which began its history in 1945, developed specifically for the Oyster Perpetual Datejust model, although today we can find it available for other models in the Oyster range.

It is a metal bracelet composed of five rows, creating a fluid and elegant outline and aesthetic, equipped with a hidden crownclasp, which offers a closure invisible to the naked eye, which is why watch specialists describe this bracelet as elegant and elegant. comfortable.

It was imposed over time

As we already mentioned, this bracelet debuted in 1945, neither more nor less as a reason to celebrate the brand’s first 40 years, accompanying the Datejust, being to this day, considered by the brand, as the best combination for the Jubilee.

Rolex MOP Jubilee braceket

Since then, this bracelet has been improving, for its birth, solid gold was chosen as the material that would forge it, varying over the years and acquiring two tones over time, with steel variants

Although in the 50s the President bracelet emerged, which surpassed the Jubilee for a few years, the latter resurfaced when combined with the GTM-Master, then offering metallic versions, however, with the passage of time, this bracelet was finally left as the main for the entire Datejust line, being its current two-tone design.

Durability over the Years

Something that few know is that just as watches – their machinery – go through rigorous tests, the same happens with bracelets, and in the case of the Jubilee, today, just over 75 years after its birth, its design remains practically the same, which has the genius of looking timeless. Some describe the Jubilee as a bridge between the sporty Oyster bracelet and the classic and elegant President, achieving the best of both worlds, giving this piece total versatility, and unlike the other two, it is the one with a more “ light”.

The current design of this bracelet is made up of five semi-circular metal links, featuring two rows of larger links on the outer edges of the bracelet and three smaller links in the center. While many bracelets have a central point that balances them, the Jubilee flows in its design, creating the illusion of a loop on the wrist, thanks to its hidden crownclasp that gives the effect of invisible closure.

Rolex has released a few variations of the Jubilee bracelet since its original version, however they have been so subtle that they are only noticeable to experts upon close inspection. From 2000 to date, Rolex uses solid links made in Switzerland in all Jubilee bracelets, opting to manufacture them internally, that is, in Rolex workshops, because as has happened with many of its watches, they ceased to be commissioned from third parties to manufacture them. themselves, so the Jubilee bracelet is in a way, the most handcrafted of all.

Stretching the Jubilee Bracelet design

Another feature of this bracelet is that it stretches, although this feature is not exclusive to this model, Rolex implemented it to achieve a correct fit on the wrist, plus this feature also fights dirt.

It is vitally important for a Rolex owner to regularly clean their watch bracelet to prevent debris and dirt from entering. Over time, dirt will accumulate between the links and act as an abrasive agent between them, hence the links can stretch.

Now you know how important the watch and its machinery are as well as the bracelet, which can also be purchased separately.

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