Rolex Sky Dweller History

Rolex Sky Dweller History

They say that the big brands have the most difficult challenge in reinvention, and in the case of Rolex, it was overcome with the Rolex Sky-Dweller, which was presented at the Baselworld fair in 2012, after 20 years of not presenting a new model, And he did it big, as this watchmaker’s model contains a total of 14 unpublished Rolex patents.

For its presentation, Rolex manufactured three versions, in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, with the references 326938, 326939, and 326135, respectively, although at first, it went somewhat unnoticed, at present, it is considered one of the best watches. of the world.

Rolex SkyDweller

In 2014, three new versions were presented, again in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold or Everose, as Rolex’s patented rose gold is known, the difference with these models was the strap and the indicator of the month, the strap in these models were made of leather and the indicator went from black to red, with the references 326138, 326139 and 326935, respectively.

The take off of the Sky-Dweller

It took 5 years for the Sky-Dweller to be understood, leaving everyone with their mouths open at Baselworld in 2017, where they presented two new versions called Rolesor, the Sky-Dweller reference 326933 in steel and yellow gold and the Sky-Dweller reference 326934 made of steel and white gold, it also had a version in blue steel reference 326938, the latter being the one that mesmerized those present and made them love the entire collection.

It is precisely this latest model that made Rolex use a “waiting list” again, and even, today, this Rolex with a blue dial is one of the most difficult models to buy, without a doubt, one of the most coveted by collectors, it is known as the Sky-Dweller Blue.

If you want to get this model, you must have a lot of patience and many connections, as it is a watch highly requested by celebrities and sports figures, such as footballers, actors, and politicians.

The SkyDweller, A Complex Piece

The Rolex Sky-Dweller is the most complex model that Rolex has in production today, as we mentioned earlier, it has 14 original patents, which undoubtedly complicates its manufacture, one of the reasons why it is a model that takes in undermining the market, which only increases its demand and therefore its value.

The Sky-Dweller has a GTM and also an annual calendar, the first allows us to see two time zones at the same time, and in the case of its annual calendar, it recognizes if the month we are in has 30 or 31 days, Except for February, so every March 1, this watch requires us to manually adjust it.

Another of its complications is its fluted bezel or ring command bezel, which is rotated to control different functions of the watch, such as the date, or the time zones, undoubtedly one of the most complex and innovative patents of the watchmaker house. As we mentioned before, given the complexity of this line, it is quite difficult to get a Sky-Dweller model, so it is in your plans to get one, the investment

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