Patek Philippe Twenty 4, Timeless Elegance

Patek Philippe Twenty 4

Patek Philippe surprises with each edition it launches, but in 1999, it decided to focus on a specific market, which is why I created a collection exclusively designed for women, the Patek Twenty~4 line, a series of watches that could be used by women. 24 hours a day, regardless of the time, the event or the dress.

This collection became a resounding success in the world of jewelry, its design was inspired by the Art Deco era, respecting the refined and geometric lines of this artistic trend.

In a way, creating a collection exclusively thought of women was like going back to its roots, since its birth as a watchmaker in 1839, it has attracted the attention of great women in history, as in 1851, when Patek Philippe became the favorite watchmaker of Queen Victoria, who received a pocket watch with a blue enamel piece.

In 1868 Patek Philippe produced the first Swiss wristwatch in history, destined for the Hungarian countess Koscowicz, without a doubt, the history of this watchmaking house has had great successes with the female market.

The Twenty~4 Characteristics

This watch has a quartz movement, the original model was created with a rectangular case, using steel and rose gold as a base, accompanied by two lines of diamonds, presenting a dial that changes color depending on the model.

The chosen figures were Arabic in 12 and 6, and the remaining numbers were replaced by diamonds, with a polished metallic bracelet, and with a folding clasp, in short, details that mainly scream two things: elegance and timelessness.

However, something that Patek Philippe knows how to do very well is to evolve and surprise over time, which is why in 2018 they presented their Twenty ~ 4 collection in an automatic movement version.

This reinvention was also based on steel and rose gold, but changed its rectangular case for a very elegant one with a round shape, with Arabic numerals in gold, changing the row of diamonds for a circle of stones. 

Betting on Green

In addition to including a new color in this line, two mechanical watches, the 7300 and the 1200A-011, with a steel base and an olive green dial, were also added, being the only contemporary Patek Philippe models with this color in their design.

The hands of these models add a touch of elegance to being forged in white gold with a luminescent coating, and a bezel with 160 diamonds set in a staggered way.

The bracelet is forged from hand-polished steel and was complemented by a Patek Philippe patent folding clasp, which consists of a security system with four independent containment points.

It is a model that does not lose the elegance and timelessness that characterizes the Twenty ~ 4 collection, so the watchmaker had one more success in its collection focused on the female public. 

This is a watch that cannot be missing in any collection, and you can find it, depending on the model of the collection, at prices ranging from USD $8,600 to USD $38,800.

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