Gordon Ramsay Watch Collection

Gordon Ramsay wearing rolex 116655

Gordon Ramsay is quite a character inside and outside the kitchen, this famous chef, presenter and businessman, who currently has 7 Michelin stars in his history (he managed to hold 15, being the second best chef in the world), is a lover of good food and luxuries, as it has an impressive collection of luxury watches.

The famous chef has a special taste for the Rolex wristwatches, with most of the timepieces he has been seen wearing being of this brand, although he also has a particular taste for Breitlings.

His taste for Rolex Timepieces

One of the most discreet watches in the collection of the king of “Hell’s Kitchen” is a vintage Rolex Explorer II reference 16550 with a cream dial. The Explorer II watch with a cream dial dates back to 1980, and you can currently make of one for an approximate investment of around 30 thousand dollars.

Ramsay has a special taste for antique pieces, since another of the ones he uses the most is a classic Rolex Submariner with the reference 1680, which uses a strap brown leather, said model was manufactured in 1969, being a difficult watch to get and for which you would have to offer at least 21 thousand dollars.

His collection includes another Submariner, he also has an old 18-carat yellow gold Date with a “Nipple” dial, whose reference is 16808, and which increases in value compared to the 1680, because to get one of these pieces, you will have to take out of your wallet at least 50 thousand dollars.

Although of course, not everything is a vintage line, since it also has some more modern Rolex, such as the Everose Yacht-Master with reference 116655 with a rubber strap, this watch is of a sports type and requires an investment of at least 35 thousand dollars.

Gordon Ramsay wearing rolex 116655

The Rolex that closes its collection, regarding this brand, is another Submariner with reference 116619, it is a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date known as “The Smurf”, since it has a blue bezel and dial, with a white gold case and currently it is impossible to find it in any sales catalog, and if you do, your investment must be at least 50 thousand dollars.

Gordon Ramsay Watch collection is Discreet

While this reality TV cooking celebrity used to have a rather fiery temper, her taste in watches is understated, and while she owns a few gold Rolexes, she opts for more conservative models like her IWC Mark XVIII Edition “Tribute” Pilot’s Watch. to Mark XI” whose reference is IW327007.

The IWC Schaffhausen began its legacy in 1868, and although it is an expensive watchmaker of luxury pieces, the watch that Gordon Ramsay owns is the most basic pilot’s watch that you can get from IWC, although of course this piece was limited to the manufacture of 1,948 unique watches, and you can get one for $5,750.

Sea and sky

Ramsay opts between diving watches (as evidenced by his Rolex collection) and those made for aviation, since he also usually wears a Breitling Aeromarine Chrono Avenger M1 with reference E73360 in titanium with a yellow dial, whose cost can start from 3 thousand Dollars.

He also likes to use an Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer 300m in steel with reference 25318000, it is a variation of the Omega classics, and it is perhaps one of the most modest and low-priced in his collection, since this piece can be acquired with an investment. of 2 thousand 500 dollars. 

Finally, among the watches that he has been seen using, this is perhaps the one he has used the least in public, it is a piece from the JS Watch Company Reykjavík, which calls itself “Probably the watchmaker smallest in the world.

The first and only watchmaker in Iceland.” Probably his taste for these watches is because he is a big fan of Iceland, even when he bought this watch, a JS Watch Company Blue Sif NART 1948 with a tanned calfskin strap, he visited the small workshop and took a picture with all the team of watchmaking craftsmen; This piece can be purchased directly on the company’s website for $3,034.

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