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The History of Rolex Sea-Dweller, the king of the Deep Water

If Aquaman needed a watch, this would be the Rolex Sea Dweller, a piece of hermetic engineering up to 1220 meters, the Rolex Sea-Dweller model, was launched in 1967.

The watch that started this aquatic revolution was the 'Single Red', with reference number 1665, this began as a prototype provided to professional divers, who dived and checked its effectiveness, in large part, thanks to its gas exhaust valve.

The test began with a total of 10 watches, which had the immersion capacity of up to 500 meters, being used in the Tektite project, which sought to build an underwater habitat, therefore, the divers who participated lived 58 days under the sea, during which time they carried their Rolex Sea-Dweller.

Key patent

Rolex has made it clear that in matters of the sea is an expert, because before the Sea Dweller divers already used the Rolex Submariners, however, with the arrival of the new model, they took a giant step in the world of haute horlogerie.

It was in 1970, 3 years after its launch, that Rolex obtained the patent for its gas exhaust valve, from the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property.

It is thanks to this valve that Rolex solved a problem that overwhelmed divers, and that is that the helium particles, which are found in some gases used for deep diving, such as heliox and trimix, are so small, that they infiltrated between the seals of the watches, bursting the crystals, an issue that was solved with the valve, now patented, from Rolex.

Breaking boundaries

Rolex undoubtedly became the king of the depths, however, despite this, it continued to surpass itself, because in 2008 the Deepsea was presented, under the Sea-Dweller line, officially named as Sea Dweller DeepSea, presented at the Basel world of that year and with reference number 116660, managing to reach a depth of 3 thousand 900 meters, equivalent to touching the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

How did Rolex manage to check the resistance of the Sea Dweller Deepsea? for this he turned to a partner, Comex, creating a camera that could simulate the pressure of the sea, checking the incredible depth to which the king of the sea could reach.

In 2012, the explorer and filmmaker James Cameron, immersed himself in the Mariana Trench, the deepest point of the sea, in this mission he ventured hand in hand with Rolex, creating the watchmaking house the Deepsea Challenge model, a watch that is not available for commercial sale.

This model of about 51.5 mm wide, was connected to an outer arm of the explorer ship commanded by James Cameron, running the clock without any problem up to 10 thousand 898 meters.

The Sea Dweller line is unique in its class, a watch that combines class with functionality, ideal to be part of the collection of a true watch lover, but, when you must invest, a Rolex Sea Dweller watch, depending on its model, you can find it from $13,600 to $25,500 usd.