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Omega Speedmaster Racing Price

The cost of an Omega Speedmaster Racing in our collection goes from USD $4,700 to USD $18,940 depending on the condition of the timepiece.

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About The Omega Speedmaster Racing Model

In the vast majority of watchmaking houses, there is at least one model designed for speed lovers, and Omega could not be the exception, in this case, they decided to evolve their now-iconic Speedmaster model, to give birth to Speedmaster Racing, designed for racing drivers, it was born in the 60s.

The Racing model evolved in its design with some contrasts, in the case of the hands, they turned orange, to facilitate reading, especially the chronograph to the advantage of the pilots.

In addition to this aesthetic change, a minute meter was added that could be alternated, designed to measure race time. Without a doubt, Omega created a model as iconic as its historic "Moonwatch"

In 2017, Omega presented a tribute model to this line, the Speed Master Racing Master Chronometer, emulating the first model created, with a matte black dial, a ceramic bezel, and the distinctive orange numbers and hands.

Thinking about practicality

For the birth of it, it was sought to offer the tactical advantages that race pilots needed the most, so it was decided to improve its visibility, hence a contrasting color was sought, with orange being the chosen one.

In addition, a thinner case was created compared to the classic Speedmaster, the one that traveled to the moon, to achieve greater comfort on the wrists of the pilots of the time.

Without a doubt, it became the favorite model of the competitors, and today, it is also one of the favorites of luxury watch collectors, the Speedmaster Racing model can currently fetch a price of around USD 9,000.

Certified Precision

Not everything design and good-looking, the sports model of the watchmaker Omega reaches the highest levels of precision in the world of watches, in addition to one of the best performance and resistance to magnetism, this last point of great importance, as it ensures that they will not exist variations in the time stamp.

These characteristics are endorsed and approved by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), a federal government institute that is responsible for certifying measurements in various fields, and in the case of Omega, it had to create a new certificate, since the watches of said company, exceeded quality levels.

It is thanks to its level of detail in the manufacture of its watches, that METAS has endorsed them over the years with various certificates for each of its models, including the Speedmaster Racing.

It is worth mentioning that METAS only endorses watches that pass certain criteria, which include the function of their movements when exposed to magnetic fields, the average daily precision after being subjected to magnetic fields, their autonomy in operation, and the resistance tested in water in bars measure.

Omega has a four-year warranty on its watches, so if you want a quality model, and also endorsed by an expert institution in the field, the Speedmaster Racing is your best option.