Breitling Bentley Watches

These timepieces combine Breitling’s expertise in crafting high-performance chronographs with Bentley’s heritage of luxury and automotive excellence. The resulting watches exude an aura of sophistication with a sporty edge.

Breitling Bentley Features

  • Design Inspired by Bentley Motors: Breitling Bentley watches often incorporate design cues from Bentley cars. This might include elements like knurled bezels reminiscent of Bentley steering wheels, or color schemes that mirror Bentley car interiors.
  • Focus on Functionality: Despite their luxurious appearance, Breitling Bentley watches remain functional timepieces. Many models feature chronograph complications for stopwatch functionality, tachymeters for calculating speed, and water resistance ratings suitable for everyday wear.
  • Wide Range of Models: The Breitling Bentley collection encompasses a variety of styles to suit different preferences. Some popular models include:
    • Breitling Bentley Motors T: A chronograph with a distinctive rectangular case.
    • Breitling Bentley 6.75: A powerful chronograph inspired by Bentley's largest engine.
    • Breitling Bentley GMT: A world timer perfect for frequent travelers.
  • Collectible Status: With production of some models having ceased, certain Breitling Bentley watches have become collectible, adding to their investment appeal.